Investment opportunities in Zimbabwe

Investment opportunities in Zimbabwe

The investment opportunities in Zimbabwe are available in different sectors like agriculture, tourism, mining, services, energy, manufacturing among others as seen below:

Agriculture sector

  • National Irrigation Rehabilitation and Development Programme.
  • Livestock Capacity Building.
  • Rehabilitation of Cattle Infrastructure.
  • Pig Industry Board/Poultry
  • Small Stock Breeding and Multiplication Centres in Matabeleland South Province.
  • Matabeleland South Enhancing beef production through paddock and rotational grazing in the Gwanda District.
  • Rehabilitation of Infrastructure for Animal Health Extension Services.
  • Dairy Development Project.
  • Agro-Processing / Value Addition.
  • Recapitalization of the Cold Storage Commission (C.S.C).
  • Aqua Culture e.g. Binga Inshore Fisheries Development and Marketing.
  • Increasing Rice Production in Zimbabwe.
  • Improved Horticultural Productivity in Irrigation Schemes
  • Grain Marketing Board Contract farming for ground nuts, popcorn,
  • Cotton Farming
  • Potato Farming
  • Farm Mechanization Programs
  • Contract Farming

Energy sector

  • Investment in current electricity plants
  • Investment in to new power generation plants which include Hwange power station
  • Extension of the Kariba Power Station
  • Extension of the Gairezi Power station
  • Develop Lupane Gas fields as an alternative source of energy.
  • Transmission and integration project.

Mining sector

Prospecting and mining of various minerals including:

  • Gold
  • Coal
  • Diamond
  • Granite
  • Platinum



Opportunities also exist in the beneficiation of the minerals e.g. cutting and polishing of diamonds, jewellery manufacturing and tile manufacturing. Quarrying and mineral exploration

Tourism sector

Investment opportunities exist in Infrastructure department like constructing of hotels and lodges in designated Tourism zones.

Tourism services like running and operating tourist facilities e.g. in the South East of the country

Real estate’s sector

  • Construction of Hotels and Lodges around the country for Tourism Purposes
  • Construction of Low income housing projects
  • Construction of factory shells, vendor marts and flea markets
  • Construction of the New Parliament and Parliament building

Information Communication and Technology (ICTs) sector

  • Installation of Fibre Optic transmission cables in the North- South trade Corridor: Beitbridge-Masvingo- Gweru- Harare- Kariba.
  • Film industry and graphics
  • Multimedia development
  • Installation of fibre Optic transmission in the East West trade Telecom Corridor : Mutare- Harare- Gweru-Bulawayo-Plumtree
  • Bulawayo- Victoria Falls Fibre Optic Installation
  • E- Government initiatives
  • I.C.T software development, local manufacture of hardware, circuit boards and micro-chips
  • Provision of Postal Services
  • Provision of Telecommunication Services
  • Provision of Private Broadcasting Services
  • Provision of Media Services
  • Supply of digitalization equipment
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Rural communication (internet villages)
  • Data storage area networks
  • Call centres
  • Integrated solution planning
  • Film industry and graphics

Manufacturing sector

  • Clothing & Footwear: this include; Cotton ginning, spinning, weaving, finishing textiles and knitting products.
  • Chemicals like Fertilizers, insecticides, pests, paints, varnishes, soaps among others.
  • Wood & Furniture Saw milling, wooden products, furniture and fixtures
  • Metal& Metal products: Machinery and equipment, radio and communication equipment
  • Technology: information processing, computer assembly, solar technology and consumer electronics.

Services sector

  • Development of Toll roads
  • Building and upgrading of airports
  • Construction of dams and bridges
  • Building of power generators & transmission facilities
  • Construction and upgrading of telecommunication facilities

Water and sanitation sector

  • Rehabilitation of water and sewerage plants, water distribution system for ;and enhancement of billing and collection system including replacement of non-functional meters and installation for all new connections
  • Rehabilitation of Rural water supply and sanitation.

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