Transport system in Lusaka

Transport system in Lusaka

Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia with a population of over 1.525 million people and an area of over 360 km².  People have to move from their residential areas to work  and commercial  areas located in the city centre and industrial area. The common means of public transport within the city are as follows:

Buses in Lusaka

Euro-Africa Bus Services provides a fast and efficient coach service from the capital city to  Kitwe  in the copper belt. The bus service runs seven days a week, with an hourly bus departure from either end (Lusaka and Kitwe).


Minibuses are the common means of transport  within the city. The minibuses have their main stage at City Market. Every mini-bus has a  ‘Call Boy’ to attract passengers to the vehicles.


Official blue taxis are found around most major public centers. No matter which taxi you choose, it is advisable for you to confirm your destination and to  negotiate the fare before embarking on the journey.

Special Hire Taxis

These are privately owned vehicles that transport people to different areas around Lusaka and the suburbs. The Special Hire Taxis have no defined routes but move accordingly to the customer’s instructions.

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