Zambia Vision 2030

Zambia Vision 2030

The Zambian people’s vision is to become “A Prosperous Middle Income Nation by 2030”.
By 2030, Zambians, aspire to live in a strong and dynamic middle-income industrial nation that provides opportunities for improving the well being of all, embodying values of socio-economic justice, underpinned by the principles of:

  • gender responsive sustainable development
  • democracy
  • respect for human rights
  • good traditional and family values
  • positive attitude towards work
  • peaceful coexistence and
  • private-public partnerships

The Vision highlights three scenarios outlining development options, namely the baseline, the preferred and the optimistic. The socio-economic development objectives enshrined in the Preferred Scenario are: to attain and sustain annual real growth of 6 percent (2006-2010), 8percent (2011-2015), 9 percent (2016-2020), and 10 percent between 2021 and 2030; to attain and maintain a moderate inflation rate of 5 percent; to reduce national poverty head count to less than 20 percent of the population; to reduce income inequalities measured by a Gini coefficient of less than 40; to provide secure access to safe potable water sources and improved sanitation facilities to 100 percent of the population in both urban and rural areas; to attain education for all; and, to provide equitable access to quality health care to all by 2030.

The nation should have an economy which is competitive, self-sustaining, dynamic and resilient to any external shocks, supports stability and protection of biological and physical systems and is free from donor dependence. In addition, it should have stable social and cultural systems that support human capital formation.

Among other things, the nation Zambians aspire for and should be characterized as follows:

  • A common and shared destiny, united in diversity, equitably integrated and democratic in governance, promoting patriotism and ethnic integration;
  • Devolved political systems and structures while retaining the roots and positive aspects of their own mould of social, cultural and moral values;
  • A continuous path of ever refining, ever advancing and ever consolidating democratic dispensation and progressive adaptation from global best practices;
  • Economically, socially and politically integrated within the sub-region, Africa and the rest of the world;
  • Diversified and balanced and strong industrial sector, a modern agricultural sector and an efficient and productive services sector;
  • Technologically proficient, fully able to adapt, innovate and invest using its human and natural resources;
  • Strong and cohesive industrial linkages in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors;
  • Sustained high and increasing productivity levels with regard to every factor of production;
  • Well developed and maintained socio-economic infrastructure;
  • A robust and competitive transport and communications network that services the region;
  • Strong entrepreneurial capabilities, self-reliant, outward looking and enterprising, where nationals take advantage of potential and available opportunities;
  • Exemplary work ethics, honesty, high human and ethical values, quality consciousness and the quest for excellence;
  • A macroeconomic environment conducive for growth;
  • Development policies consistent with sustainable environment and natural resource management principles;
  • Access for all to good quality basic human necessities such as shelter, titled land, health and education facilities and clothing;
  • Diversified education curricula that are responsive to the knowledge, values, attitudes and practical skill needs of individuals and society at large;
  • Regional centre of excellence in health and education;
  • Decent work opportunities that ensure respect for fundamental human rights and principles;
  • Opportunities for all citizens to become resourceful and prosperous nationals;
  • Decentralized governance systems; and,
  • Safe and secure social environment

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