Uganda Investment Authority

Uganda Investment Authority


Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is a semi-autonomous one stop centre government agency set up to promote and facilitate both local and foreign investment in Uganda. UIA staff are available to provide information about the investment climate in Uganda including the investment opportunities and also to facilitate them during their stay in Uganda. One stop shop Uganda Investment Authority is a One-Stop shop for investors. The authority was mandated by an Act of Parliament (1991) to attract, promote and facilitate investment in Uganda. It assists investors with the following: 1. Provision of first hand information on investment opportunities in Uganda. 2. Issue investment licenses. 3. Assist investors in securing other licenses and approvals necessary for investment in Uganda. 4. Help investors to locate project support services during the implementation phase. 5. Provide assistance in the acquisition of industrial land. 6. Help to obtain work permits and special passes for investors and their expatriate staff. 7. Arrange meetings for visiting foreign investors. 8. Assist investors in seeking joint venture partners and funding.

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