Tororo Town

Tororo Town


The Tororo Town with  coordinates 00 41 34N, 34 10 52E is located in eastern Uganda and only 10 km from the Malaba  border with Kenya.  The town is  about 230 km from Kampala City, the capital city of Uganda.

In 2011, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) estimated the population of Tororo at 43,700.

Tororo Cement Limited
Tororo Town is the home of Tororo Cement Factory  that produces the well known Tororo Cement.  Tororo Cement Limited (TCL) is the largest manufacturer of cement in Uganda producing an estimated 1million metric tons annually.

Key Attractions
The key attractions in Tororo Town include the following:

Tororo Rock
It is a steep volcano rock  located  about 5 km from Tororo Town. The rock rises to about 1800m above sea. At the top of Tororo Rock, one can view the surrounding areas including Mountain Elgon & Lake Victoria

Golf club
The club is located in Osukuru Village near Tororo Town.