Sector issues

Sector issues

The education sector in Uganda although is improving, there are still many pending issues in terms of the quality of education. These include the insufficient availability of textbooks and teaching materials, the prevalent force-feeding type of teaching method employed by teachers and inadequate use of textbooks and teaching materials in classroom lessons.

Other reasons often pointed out for the low level of learning achievement are the indifference of the parents of pupils of public schools to school management, etc. as they have tended to leave everything relating to the education of their children to the school since the introduction of UPE and the inadequate monitoring/inspection of schools. The high level of absenteeism among teachers leads to a low attendance rate.

The gross enrollment rate for secondary schools is low, presumably because of the prohibitive cost of education, limited number of and long distance to schools and limited number of intakes at public schools.

Information relating to sector issues has been summarized as follows

Enrolment in Higher Institution of Learning in 2011

Academic Staff and Student Ratios

Challenges Facing the Education Sector