Rwenzururu Kingdom

 Rwenzururu Kingdom


Rwenzururu Kingdom  based in Kasese District is governed by (King ) His Majesty Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma

History of Rwenzururu Kingdom

The Rwenzururu region is inhabited by the Konjo and Amba peoples. In the early 20th century, these two tribes were integrated into the Kingdom of Toro as a political maneuver by the British colonialists: the neighboring Bunyoro monarchy was anti-colonialist (see 1907 Nyangire rebellion) and the British wished to strengthen the pro-British Toro. The Bakonjo and Baamba initially accepted being arbitrarily made subjects of the Toro monarch with resignation, but asked the Uganda Protectorate to provide them their owndistrict in the 1950s, separate from Toro District.The movement declared that they were not part of the Toro Kingdom on 30 June 1962, three months before national independence

After their request was denied by the colonial authorities, the Bakonjo and Baamba launched a low-intensity guerrilla war that continued through independence. The movement carrying out the armed struggle was named “Rwenzururu”. While the movement began to achieve recognition as a separate district, it eventually became a movement to secede and form their own kingdom.[3] The movement declared an independent Kingdom of Rwenzururu on 30 June 1962, three months before national independence, with Isaya Mukirania as king

In 2005, President Yoweri Musevenidirected a ministerial committee headed by Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Public Service Henry Kajura to investigate the Rwenzururu claim to a kingdom and issue a report of his findings. The report stated that over 80% of the Bakonjo and Baamba favored the creation of a kingdom with Charles Mumbere as the Omusinga (King). It further found that there is no historical claim for a Rwenzururu kingdom or a group of people called Banyarwenzururu, but recommended that the government bow to the wishes of the people. Pursuant to the recommendations of the Kajura report, on 17 March 2008 the Ugandan Cabinet endorsed the Kingdom of Rwenzururu as a cultural institution.