Land in Uganda

Land in Uganda

Land in Uganda belongs to the citizens of the country and it has undergone an evolution, leading to four main systems of land tenure – Freehold, Leasehold, Mailo and Customary systems.

These systems have evolved since the establishment of modern Uganda as a British colony.

In 1998, the Government of Uganda passed a new land law, the Land Act 1998. It proposed a plethora of reforms to fundamentally alter the link between the State and the land in Uganda.

The constitution of Uganda states that there shall be a district land board in each district to hold and allocate land in the district which is not owned by any person or authority; to facilitate the registration and transfer of interest in land and to deal with all matters connected with land in the district in accordance with the laws made by parliament within the confines of the 1995 constitution. The constitution protects private property.

The following are considered for land matters in Uganda

Land Tenure System

Land Registry in Uganda