Lake Kyoga

Lake Kyoga







Lake Kyoga located in central Uganda is a large and shallow lake with average and maximum depths of 4 and 5.7 meters respectively. The lake covers an area of about 1,720 km2. The Victoria Nile flows through the lake on its journey to the Mediterranean Sea.

Extensions of Lake Kyoga
The extensions of the lake include Lake Kwania, Lake Bugondo, and Lake Opeta.

The lake is surrounded by extensive wetlands fed by a complex system of rivers. The shoreline is swampy mainly covered with water lilies, papyrus and water hyacinth. The papyrus also forms the floating   islands that drift between a numbers of small permanent islands.

Over 46 species of fish live in Lake Kyoga, and crocodiles are numerous. In order to increase the lake’s fish production the   Nile Perch was introduced into the lake in late 1950s.