Kasese Town

Kasese Town


Kasese Town is located  in Western Uganda and it is the largest town in Rwenzururu Kingdom and the King of  Rwenzururu has a palace in the town.

In 2011 , the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS)  estimated the population of Kasese at 74,300.

Key attractions
The key attractions around Kasese Town include the following among others:

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park which is located 16 Km from Kasese Town.
  • Rwenzori Mountain which is about 25 Km from Kasese Town.
  • Rwenzori Mountains National Park located about 25 Km from Kasese Town.
  • Kibale Forest National Park found in Kasese district.

Hima Cement
Hima Cement Plant is about 29 km from Kasese Town on Fortportal-Kasese Road. Hima Cement Limited is the second-largest manufacturer of cement in Uganda with annual production in excess of 850,000 metric tons.