Kalangala Town

Kalangala Town



Kalangala Town is located  on the northern shores of Bugala Island.  Bugala Island is the largest island in the Ssese Islands archipelago. The town is the administrative centre of Kalagala District.


In 2011, UBOS estimated the mid-year population of Kalangala at 5,200


The people from these Islands are primarily fishermen but they are also engaged  in farming of  coffee, cassava, potatoes, bananas and yams


  • Bird watching trips,
  • Swimming,
  • canoe and boat cruises,
  • guided walks around the island
  • Nature walks


Animals on these Islands include, monkeys, hippos, crocodiles

Getting to Kalangala

The best means of transport to reach the Kalangala is by the MV Kalangala ferry. The ferry connects from Nakiwogo Port in Entebbe to the Lutoboka port, on Bugala Island. It leaves Entebbe at 14:00 and departs from Kalangala at 08:00 daily.  Alternatively you can  travel to the Island through Masaka Town.