Kabaka’s Lake

Kabaka’s Lake



This is the largest man-made lake in Uganda located in Ndeeba, Rubaga Division Kampala City, Uganda. It is between Ring Road and Nabunya Road. The lake is a few minutes drive from Bulange and about 5 km from the Kampala City centre. It is adjacent to Pope Paul Community Centre in Rubaga. The lake occupies an area of around 2 square km and is about 200 feet deep on an average.

Purpose of the lake
It was constructed by the 52 clans of Buganda from 1885 -1888 during the reign of Ssekabaka Mwanga 11. The plan of the king was to construct a channel wide enough for him to travel by boat to Lake Victoria for swimming and fishing and staying at another palace he had built at Mulungu hill near Lake Victoria The channel would also serve as an escape waterway in the event of armed conflict with the British. The construction was, however, abruptly disrupted and stopped on 2nd August 1888 before the channel could reach Munypnyo because of thea religious war which broke out in the kingdom. .

Inflow and outflow of water
The lake has no visible rivers either to bring in or take out water and yet the water levels of the lake remain almost constant throughout the year.

The environment around the lake is beautiful. The two small islands in the middle of the lake make it more beautiful .The visitors can walk around the shores of the lake.