Jinja Town

Jinja Town


Jinja Town is located in southeastern Uganda about 87 km from Kampala City. Jinja Town is the biggest town in  the Kingdom of Busoga. The town is located on the shores of Lake Victoria next to the source of the Nile River .

In 2011,   the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) estimated the daily commuter population at 80,000.

Key attractions
The key attractions around the town include the following:

Source of the Nile
The source is located about 2 km from the Jinja Town.

Itanda Falls
Itanda Falls are 18 km from Jinja Town. The falls offer opportunity for bird watching camping and picnic outings.

Lake Victoria Beaches
The lake offer opportunities for water sports and fishing. The key beaches along the lake include the Sailing Club, Tilapia Club and Masese.
Islands in Lake Victoria

The numerous industries found in Jinja Town attract visitors. These include textile (Nytil Picfare), beer (Nile Breweries), sugar (Kakira Sugar Works), steel rolling (Jinja Steel Rolling Mills), grain milling (Jinja Grain Millers) and fish (Masese Fish Factory) and tea processing (Garden Tea) industries.

There are tea and sugar estates that are interesting to see along Kampala-Jinja High Way.

The sporting facilities include the Jinja Golf Course and the Bugembe Stadium.

Antiquities / Historical sites
These include the Bujagali ancestral site, the Busoga King’s Palace at Nakabango; Mpumudde Hill. Mpumudde Hill is also the place where King Kabalega, of the
Bunyoro Kingdom died from.

Crafts shops, workshops and community groups are common in Jinja Town and its suburbs,
making mats, baskets and other souvenirs from papyrus and other natural materials.

Jinja is a major station on the Uganda Railway and is a port for Lake Victoria ferries. Transport in Jinja Town is dominated by the motorbike (Boda boda).