Investment opportunities in the real estate sector

Investment opportunities in the real estate sector

Government supports investments to the sector are in line with Vision 2040, National Devt Plan and the NRM manifesto 2011/16, by way of;
  • Providing enabling policies laws, and regulations to facilitate investments  in the sector
  • Securing Land rights & Security of tenure for investors and individuals
  • Providing funds for physical and social infrastructure
  • Providing tax incentives for construction equipment for the sector
  • Providing serviced Land for big investments (Thru UIA,ULC,DLBs), and facilitates negotiations with private Land owners
  • Provision of housing and mortgage finance
  • Provision of low cost housing in Urban and semi urban
  • Provision of construction equipment and manufacturing of building materials
  • Manufacture of prefabricated concrete systems, processing of no metallic minerals to make tiles
  • Establishment of real estate agents

The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development in partnership with NHCC has developed several housing projects. The major ones proposed in the medium term include;

  • Public Service Housing for Public Servants  both Institutional and for Direct sale to Public through Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • The slum redevelopment projects i.e, Kasooli in Tororo,  Kireka near Kampala and others to follow
  • These projects need partners to contribute funds, appropriate technology and enterprise