Tax climate in Uganda

Tax climate in Uganda

Tax climate in Uganda

Taxes in Uganda are centrally assessed and collected by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), headed by a Commissioner General. 

Regulatory framework

The following are tax laws in Uganda

  • Customs Tariff Act, Cap. 337;
  • East African Customs Management Act;
  • East African Excise Management Act;
  • Excise Tariff Act, Cap. 338;
  • Income Tax Act, Cap. 340;
  • Stamps Act, Cap. 342;
  • Traffic and Road Safety Act, Cap. 361;
  • Value Added Tax Act, Cap. 349;
  • Finance Acts (Various);
  • Gaming and Pool Betting (Control and Taxation) Act, Cap.292;

Tax climate in Uganda has been summarized to include the following

Tax RegimeTax

Regimes and Tax Incentives

Double Taxation Treaties

Uganda Tax Rates

Challenges Faced by Government in the Collection of Taxes

Taxation in Uganda

The Legality of Ugandan Taxes

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)