Hospitals in Uganda

Hospitals in Uganda

Health provision in Uganda is shared between government-funded facilities (typically large hospitals), private not-for-profit facilities which include church-supported hospitals, medium-sized clinics, private for-profit or commercial health units and self-employed physicians. The share is 30% government (Ministry of Health), 45% not-for-profit (NGOs) and 25% for-profit (private). The distribution of services tends to mean rural areas are underserved and lower-income households in urban areas are underserved as for-profit outlets and crowded government hospitals are concentrated in the towns.

Ministry of health oversees the public hospitals while Uganda National Association of Private Hospitals (UNAPH) is a membership national organization representing, promoting and protecting Private Hospitals and Clinics in Uganda.

The following are the hospitals in Uganda

National Referral Hospitals
Private Hospitals
District Hospitals
Other Government Hospitals