Gulu Town

Gulu Town


Gulu is located in Northern Uganda and is approximately 320 km from Kampala City. Gulu Town is the biggest town in northern Uganda and is an important business hub for the nothern region.


In 2011,. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), estimated the mid-year population of Gulu at 154,300.

Key attractions
The key attractions around the town include the following:

  •  Murchison Falls National Park
  • Sir Samuel Baker’s Fort at Patiko.  The Fort is located 30 km from Gulu Town in Ajulu Parish, Patiko Sub-County, Aswa County and was  constructed as a slave collection centre, the Fort was taken over by Sir Samuel Baker in 1872 to 1888
  •  Amoro Hot spring is located about 35 km from Gulu town, in Paga Parish, Amoro Sub-County, and Kilak County.
  • Karuma Falls ( the site of the proposed hydro project).
  • Tochi Resort Beach; located about 20 km south of Gulu Town. Tochi beach is a low lying sandy bank of River Tochi.  The beach acts as the area for excursions, camping and bandas.
  •  Guruguru Caves which are located about 25 km north of Gulu Town.  They are as a hide out during the Lamogi rebellion and historical inter-clan wars among the Luo.
  •  Kilak, Ato, and Patiko and Moro hills opportunities for hill climbing.
  • A large concentration of colobus monkeys is found in the Atiak Forest Reserve near the Albert Nile.
  • Cultural Performances of Acholi dance.

Apart from road transport, Gulu Town is served by Gulu Airport.