Forests in Uganda

Forests in Uganda



Forests and woodlands cover approximately 4.9 million hectares in Uganda, about 24% of the total land area. The vast majority of this is woodland (19%), while the rest is tropical moist forest (5%) and forest.
The total forest reserve area is estimated at 1,277,684 hectares, of which 99.6 % is under the Central Forest Reserves while 0.4% is on Local Forest Reserves.
National Forestry Authority is the lead agency mandated to manage all 506 Central Forest Reserves in Uganda.
Uganda offers six principal indigenous/natural forest reserves for harvesting with hard wood species such as Chlorophora excelsa, Celtis, Maesopsis eminii, Entandrophragma, Cynometra alexandrii, Lovoa brownii, and Newtonia buchanani.
The following are the main protected forest reserves in Uganda


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