Tourism in Tunisia

Tourism in Tunisia

Tourism is one of Tunisia’s largest generators of foreign currency income and the second largest employer behind agriculture. It represents about 7% of the gross national income (GNI) and employs 350,000 people.

Tunisian tourism is engaging into the 21st century with a number of assets in order to be among the biggest world tourism market.

The main asset of Tunisian tourism is Tunisia’s economic and social stability and life quality making it a safe destination a “haven of peace” in an ever changing world.

The development of tourism in Tunisia represents an economic opportunity, a choice and also a basic future requirement. It favors the loyalty of possible customers and the creation of innovative services pertaining to Tourism.

The quality of services for tourism has improved through the introduction of a new classification system for hotels and hotel training programs.

The rooming capacity in Tunisia has considerably developed; increasing from 100.000 beds in 1987 to 226.000 beds in 2004 and shall reach 300.000 beds by 2025.

Tunisia, a three thousand year old country represents nowadays the first Arab and African destination and is ranked among the first thirty destinations worldwide.

Regulatory framework

Ministry of Tourism

Ministry of the Tourism is responsible for elaborating and to operate the policy of the government in the domains of the tourism and the tourist leisure activities.

Ministry of the Tourism also does the following;

  • To make, directly and through the bodies which find from it, the studies and the evaluations with general, sector-based
  • To define the qualitative and quantitative objectives to realize within the framework of the plan of economic and social development for the sectors which recover from its competence
  • To define in association with concerned ministries the programs and the projects to be realized within the framework
  • To operate the decisions of the Government relative to these sectors, either directly through the bodies.


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