Tunisia Background and Geography

Tunisia Background and Geography

Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa. It is a Maghreb country bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east.

 Land Area in Tunisia

Agriculture                   98,050 square kilometres

Forest                          10,948 square kilometres

Water                          8,250 square kilometres

Others                         46,378 square kilometres

Total Land area           163,610 square kilometres

Municipal Districts

Tunisia is divided into fifteen municipal districts.


Tunisia has ten mountains Mount Jebel ech chambi which is 1,544 meters is the highest and Mount Jebel Khechem el Kelb is the smallest with 1,303 meters.

Longest River:  Mejerda River

Largest Lake: Lake Chott el Djerid

National Parks: Tunisia has eighteen national Parks with Jebil National Park being the biggest.

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