Investment opportunities in Tunisia

Investment opportunities in Tunisia

Tunisia possesses many benefits that make the nation very appealing for investors. Tunisia has got many sectors that are not fully exploited for example energy sector, infrastructure tourism Agro food among others.

Agriculture sector

  • Possibility of producing more counter season fruits and vegetables and cut flowers
  • Development of preservation activities, packaging and handling (including drying, dehydration and freeze drying, and canned and semi preserved produce)
  • Possibility to produce essential oils, flavors and fragrance
  • Production of organic varieties in both crops and live stock activity (honey, olive oil, sheep Nejdi, camelina (Mezzounna)
  • Earliness of agricultural products such as watermelon, melon, tomato, peppers, carrots, fish and vineyards
  • The lateness of agricultural products such as potatoes (Souk Jédid, Ouled Haffouz and West Sidi Bouzid), peppers, tomatoes, peaches (Regueb) and prickly pears
  • Possibility to develop the production of asparagus in the area of Jelma
  • Possibility to produce good quality cheese
  • The transformation of some products by sun drying
  • Industrial projects of canned agricultural products (vegetables and fruits)

Energy sector

  • Construction of solar panels made up of silicon
  • Marketing photovoltaic panels or solar panels
  • Solar panel repair
  • Center for studies and consulting on renewable energy new technologies.
  • Possibility to produce truffle in Dernaya for the export market

Tourism sector

  • Development of hunting wild boar mainly, and the use of its meat for export (Meat production, canned food etc )
  • Development of archaeological sites, of forest landscapes as part of promoting the ecological and cultural tourism through the creation of leisure resorts and relays.
  • Development of spa and medical tourism

ICT sector

  • Electronic card manufacturing
  • software development
  • telemarketing project
  • Technical support and assistance
  • Call centers
  • Remote data centers
  • Assembly unit and installation of alarm mechanisms

Industry sector

  • Industrial engineering
  • Maintenance of machinery
  • Logistics
  • Platform (transport, transit office etc.)
  • Accounting and consulting firms
  • Vocational training centers
  • Other services
  • Possibility to develop treatment and processing of wool and leather, essential oil extraction, quarrying (limestone and stone), extraction and processing of marble and wood, chemicals (detergents, cleaning products) miscellaneous industries (aluminum joinery)

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