Top wonderful islands in Africa

Top wonderful islands in Africa

Sao Tomé Island

São Tomé Island is the largest island of São Tomé and Príncipe covering an area of 854 km2 rising at 2,024 m. This is a Portuguese speaking island nation off the western coast of Central Africa with a population of 157,000.

Coordinates: 0.2333° N, 6.6000° E

Activities: explore the sleepy fishermen’s villages, diving, chocolate factory and world best coffee.

Sal Island

Sal is the most popular island of Cape Verde and this is an archipelago of 10 African islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean covering an area of 216 km² with a population of 20,702.

Coordinates: 16.7167° N, 22.9333° W

Activities: Excursions, swimming, bird viewing and sand beaches

Mohéli Island

Mohéli is an African island which makes up the nation of Comoros covering an area of 290 km². It’s wild and sparsely populated and is also home to the only national park in the Comoros, Mohéli Marine Park and snorkelers, Sea turtles, dolphins and whales are all protected in the park.

Coordinates: 12.2500° S, 43.7500° E

Activities: fishing, snorkelling, whale watching, boating, sailing, canoeing, kayaking and seeing coral reefs

Nosy Be Island

Nosy Be is an island off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Nosy Be is Madagascar’s largest and busiest Island. The Island has an area of 312 km2 and its population is estimated to be 36,636.

Coordinates: 13.3333° S, 48.2500° E

Activities: Diving, fishing and swimming

Djerba Island

Djerba is the largest island of North Africa located off the coast of southern Tunisia on an area of(514 km² with a population of 139,544. It boasts beautiful sandy beaches and a peaceful and silent countryside. It is one of the few remaining places in Tunisia where a Berber language is still spoken.

Coordinates: 33.7833° N, 10.8833° E

Activities: Boat riding, camel riding and swimming


Réunion is a French island with a population of 840,974 located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, about 200 km southwest of Mauritius, the nearest island on an area of 2,512 km².Itshighest volcano is Piton des Neiges at 3,070 meters above sea level.

Coordinates: 21.1144° S, 55.5325° E

Lamu Island

Lamu Island is a part of the Lamu Archipelago of Kenya and one of the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa. Made of coral stone and mangrove timber on an area of 6,167 km2 with a population of 101,539 people

Coordinates: 2.2833° S, 40.8667° E

Activities: Windsurf, kitesurf, bodysurf, sail and water ski

Mauritius Island

Mauritius Island is located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and southeast of the Seychelles on an area of 1,865 km² with a population of 1,257,121 people.

Coordinates: 20°12′S 57°30′E / 20.2°S 57.5°E

Activities: Excursions, fishing and bird watching

Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island is located in the Indian Ocean with a population of 1,303,569 on an area of 2,643 km2 and is one of Africa’s top tourist attractions because of its fascinating history and its incredible beaches. Zanzibar’s location in the Indian Ocean has made it a natural trading center throughout its history. Famous for its spices

Coordinates: Coordinates: 6.1333° S, 39.3167° E

Activities: Trading centre, fishing and bird viewing.

Praslin Island

Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles with a population of around 6,500 people on area of 38 km². It lies 45km to the northeast of Mahé and measures 10km by 3.7km.

Coordinates: 4.3167° S, 55.7333° E

Activities: White Tip Dive, Fishing and bird viewing

Ukerewe Island

Ukerewe is the largest island in Lake Victoria and the largest inland island in Africa located in Ukerewe District Tanzania with an area of approximately 530 km² and a population of 300,000 people.

Coordinates: 2.0293° S, 33.0098° E

Activities: Fishing, Animal husbandry and Agriculture

Mumbo Island

Mumbo Island is located on the south western end of Lake Malawi and deserted Tropical Island floating on the waters of the Lake Malawi National Park. Mumbo Island is only 1km in diameter and has never been populated so it remains in a pristine, natural state.

Coordinates: 13°59’24″S 34°45’18″E

Activities: Bird watching, game viewing, expedition, snorkelling and Scuba diving.

Îles de Los

This is an island group lying off Conakry in Guinea. There are three main islands: Tamara, Kassa and Roume

Coordinates: 9.4769° N, 13.7855° W

Activities: forest walks, swimming, expedition and boat riding

Ssese Island

Ssese Island is an archipelago of 84 islands in the northwest of Lake Victoria, Uganda. The islands are on an area of 10,000 square metres to over 40 km.

Coordinates: 0.4333° S, 32.2500° E

Activities: bird watching, expedition, forest walks, boat riding, sport fishing and monkey and marine life viewing

Manda Island

Manda is an island of the Lamu Archipelago of Kenya linked by ferry to Lamu and is home to Manda Airport. The island is separated from the mainland by the narrow Mkanda channel with a population of 2000 people.

Coordinates: 2.2667° S, 40.9667° E

Activities: farming, fishing and birds viewing

Chizumulu Island

Chizumulu Island is in Lake Malawi/Lake Nyasa with a population of 4,000 people. Chizumulu can be reached by steamer from the port of Nkhata Bay on the mainland of Malawi.

Coordinates: 12.0167° S, 34.6167° E

Activities: snorkelling, Local Walks and swimming

Impalila Island

Impalila is an island at the far eastern tip of Namibia bounded on the north by the waters of the Zambezi River and on the south by the Chobe River. The Island has a population of 300 people.

Coordinates: 17.7833° S, 25.2000° E

Activities: game viewing, game cruises, birding and walking safaris.

Seal Island

Seal Island is located within 5 km off the northern beaches of False Bay, near Cape Town in South Africa. It is home to sea birds covering 800 metres long by 50 metres.

Coordinates: 34.1361° S, 18.5828° E

Activities: boat riding, bird watching, Ferry cruise




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