Transport System in Lomé Togo

Transport System in Lomé Togo

Lomé is the capital City of Togo with a population of 837,437 located on the Gulf of Guinea. Lome is well-known for its bustling market which attracts large number of travellers from all over the world and the city is famous for its ancient beauty which includes the National Museum, an enormous market, a large market in the German Catholic church.

The transport system used around the city is as follows;

Shared Taxis

Taxis provide means of transport to any point within central Lomé. The fare has to  agreed to commencing the journey .


There are a lot of motorcycles around in Lomé providing transport  within the city.


Buses are used around town and have different routes but they are usually used as the easiest way to move around in Togo.


Bicycles are numerous on streets and their charges are affordable to most of the population. Those who ride them usually use  helmets for their  protection.