Top tourist attractions in Togo

Top tourist attractions in Togo

Fosse aux Lions National Park

Fosse aux National Park is located west of Lome City and it stretches 90 sq km in the north western part of the country. The park is known for having large number of elephants of about 60 on the Dapaong plain besides other species of mammals like warthog, duiker, vervet monkeys, pata monkeys and several species of antelopes.

Independence Monument

Independence Monument is located about 30 km from Lome on the road to Benin Colombe de la Paix. There is Centenary Monument of the friendship between Germany and Togo and the art craft village. The place is known as an ideal for water sports, tours in canoe and the village of Agbodrafo.


Koutammakou is located within 483 km from Lome. This is a home to the Batammariba of Togo, a tribe known for its remarkable mud tower-houses.

Cascade de Kpime

Located within 15 km de Kpalime from Lome and this Waterfall is also located near Apedome. The fall is good for viewing and attracts many tourists in the country.

Lomé City

This is the economic heart of the country. A capital bubbling day and night with a big market, Port of Lome, clubs and scrub, shops and stalls for fans of shopping and with great buildings.

Lomé Grand Marche

Lomé Grand Marche is situated with Lome and it the largest market in the city. Located near Lomé Cathedrl, the market often has live African music by local performers and consists of consists of three sections, known locally as Atipoji. Known to be a good place for one to go shopping in the city with variety of food stuff, clothes and art crafts.


Togoville is in southern Togo, lying on the northern shore of Lake Togo. The country took its name from the town of Togoville in 1884. The town has features like; Togoville Cathedral built in 1910 and a shrine to the Virgin Mary to mark where she is said to have appeared on 7 November in the early 1970s and Voodoo shrines.

Kpalimé City

Kpalimé is a city in Plateaux Region, Togo near the Ghanaian border centred on the weaving industry and the surrounding cocoa plantations. The city has features like; the Roman Catholic Church built in 1913, the spectacular views of Lake Volta and nearby Mount Agou. The city is hiking in the heart of the rainforest and natural waterfalls

Lake Togo

Lake Togo is located within 27 km from Lome City and it is the largest part of a lagoon in Togo, separated from the head by a narrow coastal strip. It is known to be shallow and a popular location for water sports. Towns on the lake’s shore include Agbodrafo and Togoville.


Kande is located within 50 km north of Kara and within 425 km from Lome.this is known as World Heritage by UNESCO (2004) and a site for both the authentic character of local people for their traditional habitat: Takienta.

Fazao Mafakassa National Park

Fazao Mafakassa National Park located within 318 km from Lome city covering 1920 sq km and it is the largest National Park in Togo. It is situated between the Kara Region and Centrale Region in semi-mountainous wetland. The park has dramatic scenery with rocky hills and beautiful waterfalls.

Musee International du Golfe de Guinee

Located within 6 km from Lome. The Gulf of Guinea is part of the Atlantic Ocean that sinks corner to the center of the African continent. It is located south-west of Africa and gives a little north of the equator, a long east-west façade swept by the winds, the coast of Guinea.


Bassar is located within 345 km from Lome. Soil Bassar, such as Bandjéli concealed iron ores that were mined early by local populations. The area is known for its casting technique and its blacksmiths.

The site Namoudjoga

The site Namoudjoga is located within 20 km from Lome. This looks like a rock mushroom sheltering four groups of animal and human figures: the first group is a jumper, two animals, one man and two geometric shapes.