Tourism in Sudan

Tourism in Sudan

Sudan tourism potential is comprised of rich multiple varieties of cultures, customs, traditions, historic monuments, religions, regions and climates. However, Sudan is one of the least-visited countries in Africa because of conflict in the region over the last few decades.

Visitors are drawn to Khartoum because of its history. Sudan witnessed many successive civilizations such as those of Meroe and Kouh. The antiquities of those civilizations can still be seen around the country.

The hospitality shown by the Sudanese is inherent in their culture: they are generally very kind, friendly, and welcoming. Tourism, no doubt, can be one of the roaring engines that will achieve both economic and social growth and development in Sudan.

Regulatory framework

Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife

Sudan’s Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife is responsible for overseeing all tourism and tourism related activities and resources.

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