Transport system in Khartoum Sudan

Transport system in Khartoum Sudan

Khartoum is the capital city of Sudan with a population of over 639,598 people and an area of over 22,122 km².  People have to move from their residential areas to their work places in the city centre and the means of transport used include;

Shared Taxis

These have yellow and red strips. One needs to negotiate the price before boarding.

Care hire

For one to hire a taxi for a day they needUS$90 and for different routes it’s negotiatable between the driver and the passenger


The railway system in the Sudan is extensive, with about 5,500km (3,420 miles) of track linking most of the major towns in the country. The operating railway lines are north of Khartoum between Wadi Halfa – Atbara – Khartoum and Atbara and Port Sudan

KRT International Airport

KhartoumInternational Airport is located within40 km south of the centre of Khartoum. The national carrier is the government-owned Sudan Airways. Other airline companies operate on international and local routes.


At Port Sudan there are ferries that transport both people and their goods and then from Khartoum one needs to use a train.


These are used both within the city centre and upcountry. The buses depart from Khartoum to Gezira and Sennar frequently.


People use the donkey cart as a means to transport themselves and goods in different parts of the town and also used in the villages


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