Natural Resources of Sudan

Natural Resources of Sudan

The natural resources of Sudan include;


Petroleum reserves in Sudan are estimated to be 21,700 barrels per day (3,450 m3/d)

River Nile

River Nile is the dominant geographic feature of Sudan, flowing 3,000 kilometres from Uganda in the south to Egypt in the north. The great River Nile crosses the whole country from south to north.

Forests Resources

Forests in Sudan cover more than 40% of the total area of the country which is approximately 663,677 square kilometres.

Oil reserves

Sudan produces 120,000 bbl/day of oil and proved reserves are 5 billion bbl

Fish Resources

Sudan is characterized by the availability of natural water resources which are rich of feeds for fish and the country produces over 101,298 tonnes.

Other natural resources

  • Iron ore
  • Copper
  • Chromium ore
  • Zinc
  • Tungsten

National parks in Sudan

There are three national parks in Sudan and they include; Dinder National Park Radom National Park, Suakin Archipelago National Park.

The animals in these national parks include; African elephant, black rhinoceros, hippopotamus, tora hartebeest, giraffe Soemmerring’s gazelle, and the Nile crocodile.

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