Investment guarantees in Sudan

Investment guarantees in Sudan

The following are the investment guarantees in Sudan;

  • Neither the project, nor the land relating to the project, nor the investor’s investment in the project, will be acquired in the public interest, except by law and in consideration of just compensation.
  • Money invested will be reimbursed, in the currency in which it was invested (provided all legal obligations have been satisfied), if the project does not go ahead for whatever reason.
  • Profits will be paid, and the cost of financing the foreign capital or loans will be reimbursed, in the currency in which the capital or loan has been granted, at the date of accrual, after the obligations legally due on the project have been paid.
  • Any raw materials the project may need will be imported, and the products of the project will be exported after the automatic registering of the investment project on the Exporters and Importers Register.

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