Water transport in South Sudan

Water transport in South Sudan

Water transport in South Sudan is on the Nile, the 6,671 km Nile is the longest in the world, it headquarters the White Nile and the Blue Nile, join in Khartoum to form the Nile River that flows to Egypt and the Nile is shared by ten countries.

River Navigable Routes

Blue Nile Routes:

These extend from EL Suki to EI Rosiers which is about 210 kilometers. Due to low water levels this route is navigable from August to February. Karima is the main port.

White Nile Routes:

The White Nile serves South Sudan and follows the route Kosti, Renk, and Malakal, Shambe, Bor, Mangala, Terakeka and Juba. The distance between Kosti and Juba is 1,436 kilometers. It is used year round, though impeded by non functioning navigational aides, shifting sand, shallow waters and exposed rock. Four tributaries branch from the White Nile and form seasonal barge corridor routes that are impeded by plant growth and high to low water variations of up to 1-2 meters.

White Nile Major River Ports

Major River ports all located at Kosti and Juba, a fast transit time for barges going upstream i.e. south from Kosti 21 days and downstream i.e. north from Juba is 7 days.


It is connected by rail and a sphalt road to Khartoum, port Sudan and other major towns of Sudan. It has a shoreline of 800 meters and 115 meters of vertical quay made of masonry with mooring rings and track for cargo handling services.


This port is accessible year round, has a cement pier, experiences no silting problems and measures 300 meters. No barge maintainace facilities exist at Malakal.


Barge services are operated by River Transport Corporation (RTC) as no private companies have undertaken regular services to Juba. Barges at present travel from Kosti to Juba. In convoy and ports are incapable of processing more than two barges at a time. Juba old port is n longer operational because of silting and Juba new port has no infrastructure. The route from Kotsi to Juba is seasonal depending on the load of the barge.

Barge operators

River transport corporation (RTC) is the largest operator in Sudan and South Sudan. It is a public enterprise which operates on the River Nile while other operators undertake tributary coverage.

Operators offer a range of facilities and services that include puser tags, general cargo, flat deck, oil fleet and self propelled barges thus providing a cost effective logistics delivery option

  • River transport corporation (RTC)

Tel: +249 912474740/+249 811820414

Other barge operators include

  • The Sudanese River co Ltd

Tel: +249 91232404

  • Almosheer Transport and Services co

Tel: +249 57112328011

  • Garab El Nuer for Nile Navigation

Tel: +249 12342990/+249 57120080/+249 83122195

  • Rive Engineering Transport

Tel: +249 123788328/+249 57112306305

  • Saima Engineering Investments co

Tel: +249 912616589/ +249 912234115

  • Sudanese River Transport co ltd

Tel: +249 91232404

  • Inland water ways Navigation Corporation

Tel: +249 912147833

  • Shankin for Trading and Investment Ltd

Tel: +249 12218110/+249 57120667