Towns and Cities of South Sudan

Towns and Cities of South Sudan

South Sudan is one of Africa’s developing countries with a population base of 10 million.

South Sudan is a country with a very low population density, with 17 people per square km and it was in position 32th in our ranking of density population in 2012.

It is projected that by the year 2050 South Sudan’s population will have grown to 35 million people

South Sudan has one capital city being Juba City and over 28 small to medium size towns.

The capital Juba City is under the administration of  Juba City Counciland towns are administered by local government and the relevant town council authorities.

The following are the major cities and towns in South Sudan
Aweli Town
Bor Town
Gogrial Town
Malakal Town
Wau town
Yambio town
Yei Town