Tourism Sector

Tourism Sector

The country is a beautiful tourist destination with vast diversity of fauna and flora, scenic beauty, diverse culture, historical sites and variable climate. It has wonderful wetlands which are inhabited all year round with thousands of birds species including some migratory birds.

The Nile and the other Rivers represent a major attraction and provide a venue for other tourist activities such as cruise launching, sport fishing, white water rafting, birds watching and excellent photography. The rivers have several waterfalls and rapids, the most notable one being the Fulla Falls at Nimule National park.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism


The Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism performs the following functions and duties:

  • Develop and execute legislation, regulations, policies and strategies for the protection and management of South Sudan’s wildlife resources and protected areas.
  • Formulate plans and programmes for the promotion and development of tourism in The Republic of South Sudan.
  • Develop policies to promote tourism as an income earning opportunity.
  • Regulate and license private enterprises, bodies and other agencies operating in the field of tourism.
  • Provide security to tourism institutions and resorts.
  • Administer and manage the Wildlife Protection Service.
  • Initiate community-based wildlife conservation and tourism industry awareness campaigns.
  • Demarcate protected areas and build infrastructure in and around parks and reserves.
  • Advise the government of the Republic of South Sudan on international wildlife and tourism conventions and other agreements.
  • Develop and manage cross-border international “Peace Parks”;
  • Promotion of ecotourism; and
  • Advise and support States and local governments in their responsibilities for wildlife conservation and tourism and build their capacity to assume all functions vested by the Constitution and RSS policy.

Wildlife Conservation Directorate and Ministry of Environment, Wildlife Conservation and Tourism
Wildlife Conservation Directorate of the government of South Sudan and the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife Conservation and Tourism are responsible for the management of the wildlife and the protected areas South Sudan.

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