The Executive

The Executive

The head of the executive is the President of the Republic of South Sudan. The President is also the commander-in-chief of the SPLA. Election of the President is direct and the term of office is five years.

The President is given a strong institutional position, due to a long list of functions, which grant oversight and influence over the legislature (by way of convening parliament and submitting bills to be enacted), and the judiciary (by way of unchecked appointment powers).

The President can also unilaterally declare a state of emergency to be approved by the legislature within thirty (30) days. The Transitional Constitution also explicitly provides for the legislature to delegate creation of rules and regulations to the executive branch.A lot of law is still made through executive orders from the president and the ministries.

The Executive of South Sudan has been summarized to include the following

Cabinet of South Sudan

Ministries in South Sudan and their functions

Foreign Embassies in South Sudan

South Sudanese Embassies Abroad

Representatives of the former council of South Sudan