South Sudan Vision 2040

South Sudan Vision 2040

“South Sudan Vision 2040: Towards freedom, equality, justice, peace and prosperity for all”

Objective of the Vision

To ensure that by 2014 South Sudan is a united and peaceful new nation, building strong foundations for

good governance, economic prosperity and enhanced quality of life for all.

This can be achieved through

• Improving governance;

• Achieving rapid rural transformation to improve livelihoods and expand employment


• Improving and expanding education and health services; and

• Deepening peace building and improving security

Pillars of the Vision

The vision is founded on seven pillars: educated and informed nation; prosperous, productive and

innovative nation; free, just and peaceful nation; democratic and accountable nation; safe and secure

nation; united and proud nation; and compassionate and tolerant nation.

Educated and informed nation

On education, the government recognizes that the education system literally crumbled during the

liberation struggle. The government also understands that historically, Southern Sudanese have never had

a favourable education system. Both the colonial and Khartoum-based governments have only focused

on providing elementary education in Southern Sudan which was merely aimed at producing junior

government officers. Furthermore, the education system was not sensitive to the cultural contexts and

needs of Southern Sudanese. The government also recognizes the fact that human capital is critical for

the development of any nation. The vision is that by 2040, Southern Sudan will have quality education

system that prepares its youth to cope effectively with the emerging challenges of the dynamic global

environment. This education system will be characterized by its relevance, quality and accessibility; and

will apply the latest information technology in expanding and enriching the learning experience.

Prosperous, productive and innovative nation

The vision is to transform the country to an economic powerhouse in which all members of the society

play their honest part in the “baking” and sharing of the national cake. This vision will be achieved

through the creation of a diversified economy driven by agriculture, industry, mining, manufacturing,

tourism and services. The vision recognizes the role of all segments of the population including women,

youth and communities synergized through appropriate partnerships. The vision is to generate sizable

GDP and achieve full employment scenario in which the number of jobs available in the formal and

informal sectors is equal to the number of the citizens seeking employment. It is also envisaged that by

2040, all Southern Sudanese will have obtained access to good quality basic shelter either in rural or

urban setups.

Free, just and peaceful nation

The vision recognizes that the lack of freedom, equality and justice are some of the factors which drove

the people of Southern Sudan to war. The people fought with the single determination to liberate the

nation from the deliberate deprivation of these rights and midwife a just and tranquil society. These rights

and aspirations are now enshrined in the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan which seeks to guarantee

the rights of all citizens. This vision will seek to entrench and perpetuate a tranquil environment in which

freedom, equality, justice and peace thrives.

Democratic and accountable nation

A cardinal tenet of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and the vision of the New Sudan is

democratic transformation of the country. This will entail the mainstreaming of democratic practices and

processes which enjoin the active participation of the citizens in determining their destiny. The vision

identifies some of the hallmarks of democracy as decentralization of institutions; regular, free and fair

multiparty elections; as well as widening of the democratic space in which all citizens can enjoy their

civic rights. The vision is to nurture a Southern Sudan which will have developed morally, ethically

upright and educated society matched by exceptional leadership that provides a role model for the

younger generation.

Safe and secure nation

Citizens cannot be free if they don’t feel secure in their own country. The vision asserts that true freedom

can only be realized if the country is protected from internal and external aggression. By 2040, it is

envisioned that Southern Sudan will have established a crime-free society where all forms of crime and

illegal possession of firearms as well as drug addiction will be eliminated. It is also envisaged that the

law enforcement forces will be trained, strengthened and professionalized appropriately to win sufficient

confidence of the citizens. Due to the increasing incidence of natural and other disasters, the vision

recognizes disaster preparedness and management as a critical component of security. It is envisaged

that by 2040, relevant institutions and procedures will be in place to anticipate, prevent and manage the

consequences of natural and manmade disasters.

United and proud nation

The vision underscores the fact that the people of Southern Sudan have been marginalized for many

years. It also recognizes the fact that all people of Southern Sudan played a role in the liberation struggle

regardless of their ethnicity and domicile with the conviction that their common freedom and aspirations

could not be achieved otherwise. The vision seeks to facilitate further integration so that by 2040 the

country will have a united citizenry who though may be from diverse cultural or religious backgrounds

are patriotic and proud to share a common heritage, national pride and desire for peaceful coexistence.

This will be demonstrated by mutual respect and widespread use of the flag and other symbols that

signify national harmony and common destiny. The vision also recognizes the place of the family and will

seek to strengthen the family unit and maximize its benefits in transmitting social and moral values from

generation to generation.

Compassionate and tolerant nation

The people of Southern Sudan have been gone through economic hardship for a very long time, forcing

many of them into extreme poverty. Their expectation now is to have a compassionate and caring nation

which offers support and opportunity to those who are poor and vulnerable and guarantees equitable share

in the benefits of economic growth. It is envisioned that by 2040 all the people of Southern Sudan will

have access to productive resources as a means to eradicate poverty to the extent that no one will live

below the poverty line; Southern Sudan will be a tolerant nation that cherishes free expression of ideas,

free practice of religion and association with other people in the pursuit of legitimate goals; and that no

Southern Sudanese will be disadvantaged by gender, age, religion, creed, colour, ethnicity, language or

political ideology. Significantly, the new Southern Sudan will have citizens who are law abiding, have

strong moral values and exhibit high ethical standards.