Road Transport in South Sudan

Road Transport in South Sudan

South Sudan’s transport system is underdeveloped and is a serious constraint on economic growth. Prior to the region’s secession from the north, it was estimated that there were some 2,500–3,400 miles (4,000–5,500 km) of main roads, of which only some 30 miles (50 km) were paved. There were also about 4,700 miles (7,500 km) of secondary roads, unpaved and in various states of disrepair. The utility of the unpaved roadways is compromised during the rainy season, when many of them are impassable.

The vision of the Ministry of Transport and Roads is to develop a safe, secure and efficient transportation system for a prosperous South Sudan.

Road Transport in South Sudan has been summarized to include the following

Means of Transport on South Sudan Road System.

Challenges Facing the Road Sector in South Sudan

The Directorate of Roads Safety South Sudan

Road Safety Situation in South Sudan

Road Network of South Sudan

South Sudan Roads Authority (SSRA)

Bus Companies in South Sudan