Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Sector

South Sudan’s real estate sector is one of the growing sectors in the economy considering the fact that the country is a young nation that gained independence on 9 July 2011. There are few office premises, apartments and residential houses constructed especially in Juba.

The government has recently established a housing development corporation to handle housing matters in the country.

There is increased demand for housing units especially in urban areas hence creating an opportunity for investment.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning and Environment



The Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning and Environment performs the following functions and duties:

  • Develop and execute policies and programmes on environmental protection and conservation throughout Southern Sudan.
  • Establish the government’s environmental policy and monitor its effectiveness and impact;
  • Lay down programmes, in with other ministries, for the control of environmental degradation and control of desertification.
  • Develop Environmental Impact Assessments standard methodologies and procedures for Government of South Sudan development policies and for private sector investment.
  • Formulate policy, standards and regulations on urban planning and urban land management.
  • Advise and support States and local governments in their responsibilities for environment, physical planning and housing and build their capacity to assume all functions vested by the Constitution and Government of South Sudan policy
  • Provide for all affordable shelter in urban areas and facilitate slum improvement and upgrading.
  • Surveying and mapping of Southern Sudan and safe keeping of maps and documents.
  • Establish and oversee the operation of urban land titling and registration.
  • To oversee the definition and designation of City, Municipal and Town Councils in Southern Sudan.
  • Design, implement or supervise development programmes and projects to build housing in urban areas.
  • Rehabilitate war damaged housing infrastructure.
  • Provide or ensure the provision of suitable schemes for sewerage disposal and treatment in housing schemes and urban areas.
  • Conduct building research for the development of the construction industry and the supply of affordable construction materials.
  • To establish building industry standards and draw up a code of regulations for the building industry of Southern Sudan.
  • Develop and oversee implementation of a housing policy for Southern Sudan.
  • Oversee the operation of the Southern Sudan Housing Development Corporation.
  • Formulate and implement a policy on housing for public servants and organize forces.
  • Manage office accommodation and housing for constitutional office holders.
  • Develop, construct and maintain Government of South Sudan public buildings; and
  • Advise and support States and local governments in their responsibilities for environmental protection, physical planning and housing and build their capacity to assume all functions vested by the Constitution and Government of South Sudan policy.

The Land Act 2009
The Land Act provides for the efficient utilization and management of land.

Land policy of South Sudan 2013
South Sudan’s cabinet has adopted a land policy in 2013 which addresses issues pertaining to land acquisition and its management.

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