Investment opportunities in Animals and Fisheries Sector South Sudan

Investment opportunities in Animals and Fisheries Sector South Sudan

Investment Opportunities in Animal subsector

The following are investment opportunities in Animal Subsector

Investment Opportunity in the meat market chain

Establishment of feedlots and fattening centers in the vicinity of most major market centers especially in Juba, Malakal and Wau. Development of abattoirs and slaughter houses as no standard abattoirs exist in South Sudan.

Meat vendor outlets

Development of permanent terminal market centers under hygienic environment for selling of animals. Construction of meat vendor outlets in the major towns for rent by meat vendors is an important area for investment.

Meat processing plants

Developing a meat processing factory for local consumption and export.

Investment opportunities in dairy farming

Opportunities for public- private partnership in area of dairy farming. The farms prioritized for rehabilitation include Marialbai near Wau, MAFAO farm near Juba, and Malakal dairy farm.

Investment opportunities in livestock breeding

No breeding centre for beef and dairy animals as well as for small ruminants exists in South Sudan.

Investment opportunities in poultry farming

Opportunities for profitable investment in both large-scale, medium and small –scale poultry farming, are huge in South Sudan. Over 90% of poultry products consumed in Juba come from Uganda, Kenya and Khartoum. Prospects for the viability of the poultry industry in meat deficient states like Western Equatoria are even brighter.

Investment opportunities in animal feed mills

Investors are invited to establish animal feed mills in Renk, Upper Nile State, where there are plenty of cereals in South Sudan. There is no single animal feed mill in South Sudan for optimal productivity and production.

Investment opportunities in Pig Farming

High potential for pig production in Western Equatoria State (the Green Belt zone) and Maban County in north eastern Upper Nile State. Potential for pig farming on small, medium or large scale farming is very high in this County. Also there is high demand for pig meat by the increasing number of the international community in Juba.

Investment opportunities in vaccine development

Animal drugs and vaccines take up the largest proportion of import expenditure in livestock industry. There is great potential for vaccines against livestock diseases like Newcastle, East Coast Fever, Foot and Mouth disease.

 Investment opportunities in Fisheries Subsector

The following are Investment opportunities in Fisheries Subsector

Investment in fishing parastatal

Sudafish a government parastatal was established to initiate and encourage development and to persuade the private sector, including cooperative fisheries groups to come on board. Private investors are specially invited to join the “Sudafish” venture. Construction of landing sites, ice-plants, cold storage and processing facilities for fish in the main production sites.

Investment in fish canning factory

Investment in fish canning factory in South Sudan in areas of Malakal and Bor which are located at both ends of the Sudd region. A lot of fish catch in the Sudd region is lost because of lack of good preservation facilities and poor preservation techniques.

Investment in aquaculture

There is also an opportunity for the rehabilitation in fish ponds established by the government in Western and Central Equatoria States during the 1950s. All these were abandoned during the long years of wars. Rehabilitation of these is being envisaged as the starting point for large-scale aquaculture development in the Green Belt zone. Investment in aquaculture, activities that need to be undertaken include excavation of ponds, establishment of a fish hatchery and manufacture of fish feed.Aquaculture is currently practiced on small scale basis in the Green Belt zone of South Sudan especially in Western Equatoria State.

Construction of landing sites, ice-plants, cold storage and processing facilities for fish in the main production sites.