Investment Climate in South Sudan

Investment Climate in South Sudan

Given the many years of civil war, South Sudan is literally being built from scratch. The road network, housing, banking sector, insurance, schools and other amenities in the huge country all need urgent attention and the focus is on the donor community, the government, and above all, commercial investors

Regulatory Framework

The Southern Sudan Investment Authority (SSIA) is a corporate body established under the Investment Promotion Act 2009 to promote investment in South Sudan.

Functions of Southern Sudan Investment Authority (SSIA)

  • To initiate and support measures that will enhance the investment climate for both national and non-national enterprises and persons.
  • To collect, collate, analyze and efficiently disseminate information about investment opportunities and sources of investment capital, incentives available to investors and the investment climate.
  • To initiate organize and develop image – building activities to represent South Sudan as an ideal investment destination and engage in such other promotional activities for investments.
  • Provide advice to the government on investment policy in general, and where appropriate, focus economic sectors for investment encouragement
  • To promote decentralization of investment activities in accordance with the development policies of the government of the Southern Sudan.
  • To assist the investors by providing support services, including assistance to procure authorizations and permits required for the establishment of operations of enterprises and to facilitate and coordinate between public and private sector investment related matters.
  • The body is as well charged with the responsibility of receiving and processing all the applications for investment certificates.

Challenges faced in investment

  • Information distortion and un fair reports
  • Poor roads though improving
  • Poor Electricity Supply
  • Problems with Conversion of Currencies.
  • Multiple taxation
  • Lack of storage facilities
  • Criminal related activities starting from the source to the market points.
  • Limited access to information on investment related issues in South Sudan

Investment climate in South Sudan has been summarized to include the following

Business Environment


Tax Climate

Investment Facilitation

South Sudan Vision