South Africa Vision 2030

South Africa Vision 2030

Aim of the vision

Achieving full employment, decent work and sustained livelihood in the only way to improve living standards and ensure dignified existence for all the South Africans.

Strategies for achieving the vision

  • Reduce the unemployment rate t0 6% by 2030
  • Create about 11 million more jobs in the next 20 year
  • Expanding infrastructure
  • Transitioning to a low carbon economy
  • Transforming urban and rural spaces
  • Improving education and training
  • Providing quality healthcare
  • Building a capable state
  • Enhancing South Africa’s role in relation to the region and the world

Goals of the vision 

By 2030 the country needs to eliminate income poverty. In other words, it must reduce the proportion of households with a monthly income of below R419 (US$42.2) a person (in 2009 prices) from 39% to 0%.

And secondly, it must reduce inequality – the Gini coefficient, a measure of income disparity should fall from 0.69 to 0.6 by 2013.

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