Tourism Sector

Tourism Sector

The country benefits from beautiful beaches, including diving on the Red Sea coast and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Somaliland has recently been attracting an influx of tourists, signifying a change in the global perception of the region. The industry was traditionally noted for its numerous historical sites, beaches, waterfalls, mountain ranges and national parks

Regulatory Framework in the Tourism Sector

Ministry of Tourism and Culture

The ministry is responsible for the formulation and implementation of Government policy on matters pertaining to trade, industry, tourism and culture in Somalia

Somaliland Travel and Tourism Agency (STTA)

STTA provides a wide variety of tour opportunities that allow everyone to experience Somaliland in ways that are unique.

The tourism sector of Somalia has been summarised to include the following

Tourism Sector Profile
Beaches in Somalia
Islands in Somalia
WaterFalls in Somalia
Mountains in Somalia
National Parks in Somalia
Rivers in Somalia
Wildlife in Somalia
Forests in Somalia
Eco tourism in Somalia
Culture of Somalia
Historical Sites in Somalia
Infrastructure Support of Tourism Sector
Investment Opportunities in Tourism Sector
Hotels, Lodges, Motels and Apartment Accommodation in Somalia