Somalia Profile

Somalia Profile

Somalia is found in Eastern Africa. To the north, Somalia faces the Arabian Peninsula, Republic of Djibouti to the northwest, Ethiopia to the west, Kenya to the southwest and Indian Ocean to the southeast. It has a coastline of 3,025 kilometers (1,880 miles) stretching along the Gulf of Aden in the southern mouth of the Red Sea to the north. The coastal features give the region the name the Horn of Africa.

Somalia is at an elevation of 6.0442° N, 45.7194° E. The country has a total area of 637,657 km2 where land covers 627,337 km2 and water covers 10,320 km2.

The country climate include the  monsoon in the northeast from December to February, with moderate temperatures in the north but very hot in the south and from May to October the southwest monsoon brings irregular rainfall. Between monsoons it is generally very hot and humid.

Somalia is divided into 3 main topographical regions. The northern region is somewhat mountainous, the second region extends south and west to the Shabeelle River and the third region lies between the Jubba and Shabeelle rivers and lies southwest of the Jubba River toward the Kenyan border.

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