Kismayo Town

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Kismayo is a port town in the Jubbada Hoose province of Somalia. It is the commercial capital of the autonomous Jubaland region. The town is situated within 528 kilometres southwest of Mogadishu, near the mouth of the Jubba River where the waters empty into the Indian Ocean.

Nearby settlements include;

  • The northeast Xamareyso
  • The north Dalxiiska
  • Northwest Qeyla Dheere
  • West Saamogia
  • Southwest Iach Bulle
  • South Qandal

In 2012, the population of Kismayo 183,300 inhabitants

Kismayo’s air transportation needs are served by Kismayo Airport which is situated about 10 kilometres from the Kismayo

There are three main routes that connect Kismayo to other major areas in the country. The 600 kilometres Highway 3 runs the length of the Juba Valley. Starting in Beled Hawo, it goes through Garbaharey, Bardera and Buale before finally reaching Kismayo.