Investment Opportunities in Education Sector

Investment Opportunities in Education Sector

The investment opportunities include the following:

  • Construction of education infrastructures
  • Technical or vocational institutions
  • Pre- primary, primary and secondary schools
  • Setting up private universities
  • Provision of food to schools
  • Provision of safe drinking water to different institutions
  • There is a need to manage the growth of Higher Education so as to ensure that all HE institutions meet minimum quality standards and supply of qualified personnel.
  • Directorate is concerned that fees charged by private universities may be prohibitive and could exclude many eligible Somali students.
  • Directorate wishes to ensure that HE provision expands in tandem with the envisioned expansion of secondary education.
  • Directorate wishes to ensure equity of access and in gender equality in all HE institutions.
  • Directorate wishes to ensure the relevance of academic programmes by matching skills acquired by higher education graduates to the needs of national development and the job market;