Investment opportunities in Animals and Fisheries Sector in Somalia

The following are investment opportunities in animals and Fisheries Sector

Investment opportunities in Animals sub sector

  • Extensive ranching
  • Tanning hides and skins
  • Animal feeds processing
  • Meet processing and value addition

Investment opportunities in Fisheries sub sector

  • Somaliland possesses rich fishing grounds along its northern coast, which could potentially support a developing fishing industry and contribute to the national food security and socio- economic wealth. The maximum potential catch that could be harvested from Somaliland’s marine resources is estimated to be between 90-120,000 MT a year, but currently less than 5 % of that quantity is harvested by nationals.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing fishing fleet;
  • Addition of more boats to the existing fleet;
  • Provision of sufficient fishing gear and accessories;
  • Improvement of fish handling and processing facilities and techniques;
  • Improvement of market outlets both internally and externally;
  • Promoting research activities and training of personnel;
  • Upgrading existing legal frameworks and formulating other relevant legislatives enhancing sectoral development.
  • Cold storage/refrigeration facilities

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