Waterfalls in Somalia

Waterfalls in Somalia

Somalia is endowed with waterfalls which includeIskushuban andLamadaya waterfalls which are summarized below

Iskushuban waterfalls

Located in northeastern Bari province of Somalia. These are seasonal waterfalls which are the second largest in the country after those at Lamadaya in the northern Sanaag region.

Lamadaya waterfalls

Lamadaya are waterfalls located in the Cal Madow mountain range in the northern Sanaag region of Somalia. The nearest town to Lamadaya is Ulheed which is situated towards the Red Sea coast.

Activities around waterfalls include

  • Waterfalls viewing
  • Hiking

Major waterfalls in somalia have been summarised to include the following

Iskushuban Waterfalls

Lamadaya Waterfalls