Erigavo Town

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Erigavo is a town in the northern Sanaag region of Somalia. It serves as the province’s administrative capital.


The Erigavo settlement is several centuries old. It lies approximately 60 km from the ancient northern town of Maydh. The general area is noted for its numerous historical tombs, where various Somali clan patriarchs are buried.

In the early modern period, Erigavo and environs were ruled by the Warsangali Sultanate.

The city later served as an outpost for Mohammed Abdullah Hassan’s (“Mad Mullah”) Dervish State during the political anti-colonial campaign at the turn of the 20th century.

As of 2013, Erigavo is the administrative capital of the northern Sanaag region. It is also the center of the Erigavo District.


The city is at an altitude of over 1,800 meters above the sea level, which is the mildest in that part of Somaliland.

Erigavo lies in northeastern Somaliland, at the bottom of the highest peak in Somaliland Surud about 2670 ft above the sea level. It is surrounded by very beautiful natural views like Mountain Daallo.

10 km to the north of the town are the remains of a juniper forest, running along the edge of the escarpment overlooking the Gulf of Aden. The escarpment is approximately 2,000 m above sea level, where the road from Erigavo drops down to the coast. 2 km to the west, it rises to the highest point in Somalia, Shimbiris.

A popular local attraction, the summit sits at an elevation of about 2670 ft above sea level.


Erigavo is also home to different animal and plant species. Wildlife endemic to the area include the Black-backed Jackal, Dorcas Gazelle, Hamadryas baboon, Suidae, Common Dwarf Mongoose, Abdim’s Stork, Long-crested Eagleand Hartebeest.


Under the Köppen climate classification, Erigavo features a mild version of the semi-arid climate. The city generally sees equable temperatures year round, with some of the mildest weather in all of Somalia. Despite its location in the tropics, due to the high altitude, temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees Celsius. The city receives on average under 400 mm of precipitation annually. Average monthly temperatures range from 14.3 C in the month of December to 19.7 C in the month of July. Absolute minimum temperatures sometimes touch or cross zero degrees Celsius isotherm.


Erigavo has a population of around 41,000 inhabitants.The Sanaag region in which the city is situated is primarily inhabited by people from the Somali ethnic group, with the Warsangali subdivision of the Harti Darod as well as a number of inhabitants from the Isaaq clan, particularly the Habar Younis.


Higher learning in Erigavo is provided by East Africa University (EAU), which has one of its six branches in the city.


Town affairs are managed by the Erigavo Municipality. The city authority is led by Mayor Mudane Ismaiil Haji Nuur.

Air transport

 The Erigavo Airport also lies to the east of the town.


Erigavo has a modern telephone system, with widespread access to landline and mobile services. The main mobile communication services in the city are operated by the Puntland-based Golis Telecom, as well as Telcom and Telesom. STC Somaliland, another major local telecommunications company, manages electricity and telephone landlines only.