Borama City

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Location and habitat

Borama is situated in northwestern Awdal region of Somalia, in a mountainous and hilly area. It has green meadows and fields, and represents a key focal point for wildlife. The town’s unusual fertility and greenery in the largely arid countryside has attracted many animals, such as gazelles, birds and camels.


The city has a population of around 39,100 residents.


In the first half of the 20th century, Borama formed a part of the British Somaliland protectorate. It was later given district status in 1925.

In 1933, Sheikh Abdurahman Sheikh Nuur, a Qur’anic teacher and son of Borama’s qadi (judge), devised a new orthography for transcribing the Afro-Asiatic Somali language.

During the onset of World War II, the town was captured by the Italians. It was re-captured by the British the following year, in 1940.

In the post-independence period, Borama was administered as part of the official Awdal administrative region of Somalia. Since the 2000s, control of the town has been disputed between Awdal land, a proposed autonomous state, and Somaliland, a self-declared republic that is internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia.


Borama has a hot semi-arid climate.


Borama has a population of around 39,100 residents in Awdal region in which the city is situated being occupied by mostly the Gadabuursi.


Borama is the capital of the Awdal province with nine secondary schools which include:

  • Aayatiin Secondary School
  • Waaberi Secondary School
  • Al Qalam Secondary School,
  • Al Aqsa Secondary School
  • Ubaya-Ibnuka’ab Secondary School
  • Al Nuur Secondary School
  • Aadam Isaak Secondary School
  • Ali Jowhar Secondary and Hassan Ardale Secondary School.

Higher learning institutions include

  • Amoud University
  • Other local tertiary academies include EELO American University and SAW Community College.
  • Borama Deaf School


Borama International Airport is the only airport in the Awdal region.

Public transport is by mini buses from one destination to another.