Berbera Town

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Berbera is located on the coast of Somaliland. It is situated in the Woqooyi Galbeed province in Somaliland, a self-declared republic that is internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia. Berbera was part of a chain of trading ports along the Somali seaboard.

The town has a population of 232,500 residents in 2012

Berbera is a seaport with the only sheltered harbour on the south side of the Gulf of Aden. The landscape around Berbera along with Somalia’s coastal lowlands is desert or semi-desert.

There are a number of Ottoman buildings scattered around the town.

Key attractions
Berbera beach is one of the places that tourists can go swimming and eat fresh sea food

Berbera serves as the biggest seaport for Somaliland and ctivities on offer includes swimming, snorkelling, fishing and scuba-diving

Berbera Port
The port of Berbera has gained so much importance primarily because of its location. It is an important road junction between Burko and Hargeisa.