Natural Resources of Somalia

Natural Resources of Somalia

Natural resources of Somalia include;

Oil reserves

Somalia one billion barrels of oil reserves in the Yemeni region but not yet exploited

Natural gas

Proved reserves of natural gas are estimated to 5.663 billion cu meters in the country.

Other resources include;

  • Phosphate
  • Uranium
  • Iron ore
  • Tin
  • Gypsum
  • Bauxite
  • Copper
  • Salt
  • Coal


Somalia has 6 National Parks that is; Daallo Mountain, Hargeisa National Park, Hobyo grasslands and shrublands, Jilib National Park, Kismayo National Park, Lag Badana National Park.

Animals in the national parks include; African Elephant, Black Rhinoceros, Beisa Oryx, Grant’s Gazelle, Gerenuk and Lesser Kudu.


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