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Background and Geography of Somalia

Somalia is found in Eastern Africa. To the north, Somalia faces the Arabian Peninsula, Republic of Djibouti to the northwest, Ethiopia to the west, Kenya to the southwest and Indian Ocean to the southeast. It has a coastline of 3,025 kilometres (1,880 miles) stretching along the Gulf of Aden in the southern mouth of the Red Sea to the north.

Land Area of Somalia

Land                627,337 square kilometres

Water              10,320 square kilometres

Total area        637,657 square kilometres


Somalia has 90 districts.


Somalia is under the leadership of three governments; Federal Republic of Somalia, Republic of Somaliland and Puntland State of Somalia. However, only the Federal Republic of Somalia is internationally recognized.

Mountains and Volcanoes

Somalia’s only mountains, the Migiurtinia and Ogo ranges are in the north, extending from Ethiopia and following the Gulf of Aden coast with a high escarpment until the cliffs form the tip of the Horn of Africa. Somalia’s highest peak, Mount Shimbiris, rises 2,416 meters at the center of the northern range.


Somalia has two chief rivers, the Shebelle and the Juba. The longest river is the Shabeelle River which is 2,011 km of which only 1,000 km run through Somalia.

National Parks

Somalia has 5 national parks. Dallo National Park is the biggest national park in Somalia.


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