Transport System in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Transport System in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Shared taxis

Taxis in Free town run fixed routes and are often shared rides. If you are the first to get in, let the driver know if you would like a chartered rise or a shared one. The taxis don’t have meters so it is wise to ask about the fare before you get in.



Poda-poda is the name given to minibuses in Sierra Leone. They offer transport services on various routes within the city. The start and end points of the route are displayed the front of the vehicle.

Water transport

Government Wharf located right in the middle of Freetown’s business district or Kissy Ferry Terminal, east of the quay are the places for passengers arriving in Freetown by boat.


Buses are mainly for connecting the city with other places around the country. Government buses are available to all the major urban areas in Sierra Leone.


Motorcycles are a recent addition to the streets of Freetown though they have been present in some towns in other provinces. They help to cut through traffic very quickly but this can be dangerous too. They are referred to as Okadas.

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